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If your looking for someone to supply your ply in Melbourne you've come to the right place.

With Non-Structural, Structural and Formply we have what you need to get started right away at the right price.

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Real Convenience

With accurate stock levels, upfront pricing based on quantity ordered, offering pick up or delivery look no further for your supply of ply.

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Quality Plywood

All of our plywood has FSC and PEFC certification, additionally all of our Structural Plywood has been Certified by BSI to AS/NZ standards.

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Expert Advice

With knowledge of our products and an online chat feature we are able to provide advice and guidance for your project.

Melbourne Plywood Supplier

With a warehouse offering picking and packing as well as delivery of orders we make it easy to select and receive your plywood order. At our warehouse we also offer collection if you have a small order or this is more convenient.

With a large range of both non-structural and structural plywood including certified F17 Formply we have the plywood for your project. All of our non-structural plywood has B grade face veneers to make it appealing aesthetically. Our structural plywood all has H2S glueline treatment making it termite and white ant resistant, something you won’t find elsewhere.

Melbourne Plywood Applications

With our aesthetically pleasing non-structural B grade Plywood we have the perfect option for someone looking to experiment with building something or clad a wall to cover insulation etc. 

Our structural plywood is all certified and tested as well as having an addtional glueline treatment against termites and white ants. This makes it perfect for use in any situtaion that calls for that additional strength with less of an aesthetic focus. 

Plywood In Melbourne

  • 150 x 77 LVL Formwork H2S

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  • 1208 left in stock

    Braceply F22 Hardwood

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  • 304 left in stock

    CD F11 H2 treated Structural Plywood 2400x1200x12mm

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    Our product core from hardwood plywood. It’s more durable and stronger plywood.

  • 204 left in stock

    CD F11 H2S treated Structural Plywood 2400x1200x18mm

    Rated 0 out of 5

    Our product core from hardwood plywood. It’s more durable and stronger plywood.

  • 852 left in stock

    F17 Structural Certificated Formply 2400x1200x17mm

    Rated 0 out of 5

    Manufactured using a high-density overlay (HDO) of phenolic resin impregnated paper bonded to plywood, Formply is an ideal product for concrete formwork. Due to its A bond glue line, Formply can also be utilised in interior and exterior non-structural applications.