F17 Structural Certificated Formply 2400x1200x17mm


  • Melbourne Warehouse - 100
  • Perth Warehouse - 320
  • Melbourne Warehouse - 2
  • Perth Warehouse - 4

Manufactured using a high-density overlay (HDO) of phenolic resin impregnated paper bonded to plywood, Formply is an ideal product for concrete formwork. Due to its A bond glue line, Formply can also be utilised in interior and exterior non-structural applications.

Standard: AS/NZS 6669
Structural rating: F17
Glue bond: A bond (Exterior)
Structural Applications: Concrete form-work, bridge building and any application requiring a known structural rating.
Non-Structural Applications: Multi purpose use, still utilising an exterior glue line including cabinetry and joinery.


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